Friday, May 7, 2010

An interview with Tim Minchin

You guys have all been patient enough - so here it is - our long awaited, very long interview, with the one, the only, Timothy Minchin.

This has also been posted on Hannah's blog - I'll fix you up with a link asap - and an article from the interview by Hannah is also in the Comedy Festival Edition of Farrago Magazine (the Melbourne University publication!) See below!

As predicted, there's now an e-mag of edition 3 on the site, and you can read it by clicking the link below:
Farrago Edition 3, 2010 e-mag

Tickets for Matilda the Musical, which is discussed below, are now on on sale. You can find out more here.

The interview was conducted on the 15th of February at the Cambridge Cafe in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia; and went something like this.