Sunday, April 18, 2010

Icehouse & Derby Patriot

On ice...
Haven't been to Melbourne's new double ice rink yet? Go! GO! GO!

They've now introduced 10 visit passes, for those who missed out on the Year Membership, which ceased sale a week before the rink's grand opening.

The ice quality of the Bradbury Rink (for general skating) can be a bit iffy... especially if you're going to the last session of a busy day. However the amount of space beats anything Victorians have skated on in a long time.

On Derby...

I've been looking at some lovely new boots a la Bont. Although they don't seem to have taken off in the derby world yet, I'm got faith in the little darling, and I'm looking to buy them sometime in the next few months. Full custom is availiable - and I'll be able to go to my local... (I say local but I mean far away) skate shop, and have the assurance of a boot that fits - and in the case of problems, can be dealt with swiftly and without concern for overseas dealings.

The Labeda's were from online... and I'm sick of swimming in skates. They're skates... not ponds.

The Derby Patriot's are pictured above. From what I understand they're based on the ice boot of the same name, which look extremely similar.

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