Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Roller Derby #1

Tommorow night is Derby Night... well. Derby Lite Night. Great little class at Skaterz Eltham, coached by Kitty De Capitate and some of the other Victorian Roller Derby League (VRDL) girls. It's a 'pre derby' class. So technically it's not part of the league - but we're learning skills they will help us through Fresh Meat.
If you haven't seen the VRDL girls in action, look them up on youtube, or try to check out a bout a Puckhandlers Resevoir.

Derby wise, I'm currently skating on a pair of Labeda G80s, which I'll need to upgrade soon. They're about a size and a half too big (even with 2 pairs of socks and flexy, bendy soft orthotics in them).

They look pretty... but I'm starting to destroy them a bit. They're not made to take a beating. I almost ran over them with my car the other day... but that's another story (they now have road burns).

I also now have big comfy knee pads that are reminiscent of pillows. A decent size bruise was on my knee from the previous week of training - I fell on the pads and couldn't even feel it. I could wear em' all day.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Skate 25/8

This is pretty much going to be a place for me to relay my gratuitous amount of skating to the free world of cyber space. I skate far too often... and knowing me, I'll probably blog too little, but we'll see how it goes.

To start you darlings off, here's a video off the wheels of my Mission Wicked 7s (hockey skates) which after 20 months, started touching... yes. 20 months, and my wheels failed to get smaller. So perhaps Rink Rat should be applauded for their ingenuity? A wheel that never wears out.

My brother noticed them doing this one evening (when I hadn't skated on them for about 24 hours). From memory it wasn't too humid, however there had been a few consecutive warm days. Although, nothing that they hadn't experienced before.

I skated that night and they continued to rub against each other. Only on Sunday did they finally 'shrink' back to normal.

They only did this on one foot - however the other skate's two front wheels also looked closer that normal (like wheels fresh out of the box, not a year and a half old...)

I'll post some stuff on quads soon.